A passion for colors, shapes, and patterns.

A world with bold and bright designs for every product. 

Surface Designer – Textile Print Designer – Artist – Graphic Designer
Sue C. Brown is a Trinidad native, South Carolina – based designer who is the creative designer behind Subee C. Studio. Subee C. Studio is a freelance art and design studio that specializes in surface designs, graphic design, and prints. Sue has combined her passion for color, fashion and painting to produce artistic and original patterns that can be used for fashion, interior and paper goods. In 2013, Sue created her own line of products showcasing her style of painterly designs and abstract drawings in bold eye-popping colors and shapes. Sue continues to grow and develop new ideas for new products. When Sue is not designing and sketching in her studio, she can be found with her three girls either hiking, traveling or taking photos of nature.



Anything and everything goes with art and design. 

Design Process
With art and design, anything and everything goes. Each design is first hand drawn or painted using various media including paint, watercolor, ink, pen, mixed material and marker. All of the designs are inspired by my Caribbean background, nature, fashion, textile patterns from other cultures and my surroundings. Once completed they are scanned and manipulated on the computer to produce a collection for the fashion, paper and home decor industry.



A happy client makes my world fun.


TEXITURA - an international seasonal publication in Madrid, Spain that specializes in promoting print pattern designs to clients from many industries.

Haerae Co., Ltd. - licensing agency located in Seoul, South Korea.

Minted - a marketplace of independent artists and designers located in all 50 states and 96 countries, where artists can learn, gain exposure, and build their businesses.